First Class Only:

Proof of Vaccinations

Payment by cash or cheque of you have not paid online during the registration process. E-transfers may also be make to

All Classes:

  • Tasty treats:  Two to three different kinds of small treats for rewarding.  IE: Crumps Mini-Trainers, Chicken Wieners, Roll-Over.
  • Collar:  Either a flat buckle collar, martingale type or Gentle Leader (head halter).  No choke collars or pinch collars please.
  • Leash:  4 to 6 foot length.  No Flexi-leashes or other retractable lines please.
  • Chew Toy: this will help keep your dog occupied during class discussions.

During inclement weather please bring a pair of dry shoes to use in our hall.

Please check out Facebook Page or Instagram account during time of inclement weather. Class cancellations will be posted as well as dates for makeup classes.