Bringing home a new puppy is exciting! You want to give your puppy the best start it can have, right? 

At Jane Book’s Dog School we have to options to help!

Jane’s Pup Camp

Jane’s Pup-Camp is a curb-side drop off program to help your puppy learn everything from early socialization skills, to basic obedience and more!

Puppies can begin any time after their second set of vaccinations are complete.

Puppies are dropped off to our trainers at the start of the session and are offered various activities throughout their three-hour session with us. The program is tailored to each individual puppy who attends. Puppies have safe, supervised play time with other dogs, and are given lots of one-on-one attention!

Activities include:

  • supervised play time in our puppy pen which includes a play gym, toys and games with the trainers.
  • desensitization to sounds and experiences
  • basic to advanced obedience skills
  • crate training so that puppies are comfortable being crated
  • handling for grooming
  • Adventure Walks outdoors with our trainers
  • and much, much more!

Jane’s Pup-Camp teaches your Puppy the skills it needs to be a confident, happy, easy to handle member of your family!

Junior Puppy Class

Junior Puppy Class is a group lesson attended by both dog and handlers together.  Our class sizes are limited so you and your puppy get the attention you both need to learn the skills our handlers use to teach young puppies. Our junior puppy class focuses on the skills, tools and tips you will need to help young puppies in their early development.

Activities include:

  • impulse control
  • basic obedience
  • potty training
  • crate training
  • early recall skills
  • teething
  • early walking skills
  • discipline and much more!

Junior Puppy class is for puppies under 20 weeks of age, all puppies must have their second set of vaccinations in order to attend.

Senior Puppy Class

Senior Puppy Class takes Junior Puppy Class training to the next level.  You must have taken our Junior Puppy Class within the last 6 weeks to register for a Senior Puppy Class.

If it has been more than six weeks since you have completed Junior Puppy Class please contact the office to discuss options.

This six-week group session builds on the skills started in Junior Puppy Class.

Activities include:

  • real life impulse control
  • recall
  • retrieve skills
  • how to correct adolescent puppies using positive reinforcement
  • retrieve skills
  • release words and much more!

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